What we do.

Of all the reasons you started your business, running an IT environment probably wasn’t one of them. We take on the responsibility of securing, monitoring and maintaining your technology so you can focus on your business.

Working with us.

We offer personalized and professional IT services.

We provide the very best IT products & services.

Our small but specialised team is up to date with the latest IT.

We are quick and nimble, deploying quickly and effectively.

We have the right solutions to resolve all IT issues.

We offer a range of computer repair services for all users.

We offer complimentary initial consultations to new customers.

On onsite consultations are complimentary for new customers.

We offer priority support through Remote In services.

We can improve your entire network stability via integration of monitoring programs that can report problems before they're even addressed by your staff.

Benefits of a managed IT solution:

Prevention of unnecessary downtime using remote features.

Implementation of best practice project methods and services.

Implementation to future proof your business.

One of our assigned consultants becomes a part of your team.

Monitoring of failing hardware, backups & devices.

Monitoring of software errors, network & internet issues.

Early detection of virus and security breaches.

Monitored automatic Windows updates and other updates.

Reports for network infrastructure, security, devices and hardware.

We carry out individual assessments on each device at both management and technical levels so you can have the peace of mind every business owner should.

Benefits of a health checks:

Backup strategies.

Server performance & capacity.

Virus and security status.

Internet usage.

System documentation.

Current IT infrastructure.

Document management systems.

IT risk assessment.

Hardware adequacy for business needs.


Businesses are relying more and more on technology, acting as a catalyst for improvement throughout every aspect of business. Up2date can provide smart technology solutions that have the potential to drive productivity, decrease costs and maximize the performance of your organisation into the future.

Benefits of a business planning:

Investments and budget plans for your business growth.

Services and implementations for future technologies.

Tailored solutions to suit your business.

Expert advice and implementation of products and services.

Future proof upgrade and development planning.

We can tailor the solution to meet your business requirements. You have the freedom to scale your requirements as they change and only pay for the resources and features that you need. Your files are stored online and can be accessed anywhere, anytime and backed up.

Cloud Services:

Office 365 enables enterprise-grade functionality for all Business, without the added cost of maintain and investing into your own back-end IT Infrastructure.Essentially you can utilize Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel (and much more) and let Microsoft store and manage the back-end within the Cloud, which once required a server sitting in your office. This is great for Small to Medium Business, whom can leverage advanced functionality with minimal investment.

Google Apps for Work (previously known as Google Apps for Business) has been designed from the ground up as an entirely cloud-based service, enabling business to shift away from a traditional Microsoft focus.Google's offering is an alternative to the Microsoft Office 365 product and also integrates (though not as seamlessly) to the suite of Microsoft Office applications, including Microsoft Outlook. It is however recommended to utilize Google's Web Applications over traditional Desktop Applications, to unleash the full Google Apps for Work experience. ANRIC have experience in establishing and migrating existing environments to Google Apps. We can go beyond typical migration tools and customize a migration to suit unique requirements, minimizing the impact during transition for your business.

Our Helpdesk Direct plan ensures quick remote access without any disruptions from your employees. Up2date can deploy an easy to install on demand access tool. At at the press of a button. The user is notified and remote work can then be carried out. We understand client confidentiality and guarantee no breach to your network or unauthorized access without consent. The Helpdesk Direct tool is there for your convenience. Not ours.

Benefits of Helpdesk Direct:

Preventing unnecessary downtime using remote services & features.

On demand remote desktop assistance with Helpdesk Direct.

On demand phone support with Helpdesk Direct.

System info access/referrals (computer specifications).

Easy type to tech chat windows.

Today, business networks are facing easily avoidable attacks via email attachments. Cyber crime and unwanted spam targeting techniques are becoming smarter. It is paramount that your network is protected from such attacks.

Benefits of email filtering:

GUI web based, allowing monitoring of SpamFREE services.

Low cost & no delays to your current email system.

No hassle guarantee.

99% accuracy. (Based on your optimized settings).

Stop potential threats before they even meet your firewall or antivirus.

Your data is safe with us. Let Up2date worry about your secure data so you focus on what matters. We offer backup solutions and services from within the office to cloud based solutions.

U2D Cloud Backups:

Keep your data safe with Up2date hosted Offsite Backups.

Your data is important and without a valid backup, your business would not be running in an emergency data loss situation.

Up2date understands that even if you take all the preventative monitoring steps, very rarely, there is still the possibility for your data server to fail. To prevent this from happening Up2date offers a cloud backup solution at a monthly fixed fee. This becomes a physical backup very similar to your external hard drive, but remains offsite for complete disaster recovery despite the current status of your office infrastructure.

Off Site Up2date Complete Backups start from as little as $50 per month per 250GB for servers.

Cyberattacks are always evolving. Last year it was WannaCry and Petya and this year it was exploits of Meltdown and Spectre. Up2date can implement security to help protect your precious data from such attacks. Your business should make sure endpoints are secure by employing the right security controls.

Firewall & Security:

Escape processor bugs

Defend against ransomware

Combat endpoint-based insider threats

Secure email communication

Protect your roaming devices

Reinforce data security

Identify stolen and compromised devices

Achieve compliance and maintain user privacy

Keeping your business online is paramount. Up2date can provide tailorred networking and internet solutions to help keep your devices online and you business running

Network & Internet:

Link all devices and computers together. Keeping everything unified.

Innovate faster with reliable internet access and fast support times.

Do you need IT assistance onsite? Please call us on 1300 872 328 and book your onsite now.

Assisting Business & Home Clients:

Onsite call-out fee (Within local area) $65

Onsite call out fee (Outside of local area in Vic) $130 p/h (inc travel times)

Onsite charges $130 p/h.

*Additional components are charged separately. *Business contracts are charged separately.

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“Great service from knowledgeable staff. I’ve only ever had great experiences at Up2Date.”

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“Having the Up2Date team manage my Cosmetic clinics computers & server has been one of the best things to make my clinic run efficiently. No problem is an issue.”

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“I had problem with my computer and this guys fix problem for 5 minutes free of charge and even give me cable for gift. Great service! I can recommend this guys for any IT problems. Thumb up! 😀”

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“Awesome IT guys - always helpful - any time anything goes down they are on it right away - HIGHLY RECOMMEND”

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“Great service, great prices, Up2date is the only place i go for computer parts and service.”

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